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What is a seal coat?


Product Used



  • An application of asphalt emulsion to the surface of the pavement 

  • It has a deep, rich black color which gives old, oxidized pavement a “like new” surface

  • This melts snow and ice faster, and reduces cleaning and maintenance costs; beautifies the pavement surface

  • Protects pavement from:

    • Oxidation

    • Moisture intrusion

    • Fuel damage

    • Oil damage

  • Premium quality coal tar emulsion

  • Polymerized with cross-linking rubber polymers and special surfactants (soaps)

  • PMCTS is added to specifically graded aggregate

  • Rate of application: 55-57% solids (unlike conventional sealers that are applied at 40-43% solids)

  • Aggregate: Provides a safe, skid-resistant surface 

  • Benefits: PMCTS dries faster than conventional pavement sealers that are diluted with water prior to application

  • Shall not be applied when the temperature is expected to drop below 50°F at any time within a 24-hour period after application

  • It does not contain asbestos

  • An environmentally friendly water-based pavement sealer

  • It contains <50 grams per liter volatile organic content (VOC)

  • Meets the following testing requirements:

    • ASTM D 140, ASTM D 466, ASTM D 490, ASTM B117, ASTM D 529, ASTM D 2939, and ASTM D244 procedures.

  • Two coats of PMCTS with sand

  • A third coat of PMCTS with sand may be applied to high traffic areas such as entrances, exits, and drive lanes

  • PMCTS Concentrate + Sand + Water (if needed)

  • Rate: 0.11 to 0.13 gallons per square yard (70-82 square feet per gallon) per coat

  • 1 gallon of polymer mix will cover: ~85-95 square feet (9.4 to 10.5 square yards) per coat 

  • Coverage rates may vary due to pavement condition, age, and porosity

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